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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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I'd Be Lyin' (D-Side)

I still remember how your lips felt And how your kiss melted mine Oh baby I still get shills when I hear our song 'cause it takes me back in time I lie awake and your memory haunts me I start to shake 'cause it kills me you don't want me [Chorus:] If I told you that I don't wanna hold you I'd be lyin' 'cause I'm dying for you If I told you it don't hurt me to see you again I'd be lyin' 'cause I'm cryin' for you I miss the touch of your body so much That I'm ready to jump outta my skin The way you move makes me crazy I know That we'll never be together again If tears me up when I think of your smile, girl And all the love that's been missin' from my world [Repeat chorus] I never told you a lie before And I won't start now, don't know even how 'cause girl I'd be lyin', oh I've bee dyin', I'd be lyin' to you [Chorus]