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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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I'll Give You Everything (D-Side)

Caught in the first breath of morning I see the ribbon of light on your skin It's the most beautiful thing I have seen Words can't tell you how I'm feeling Time only let's me begin So I'll whisper to your heart as you sleep No I can't promise you're every dream I just need you to believe Chorus: I'll give you everything I am I'll place my heart in to your hands I'll hear your voice like angels singing And I'll give you everything that I am If I could steal this moment Hold the night back from the day Keep you here forever I've found my santuary And if we're ever seprated By time, land and see I just know that in your heart Is where I will forever be No I can't promise your're every dream I just need you to believe Chorus Now love has a meaning yeah And for the first time I've been touched by the feeling I will give you all that I am Right here where I stand, wooooo yeah Chorus