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Pushin' Me Out (D-Side)

Lately you've been acting crazy, Call my number then you hang up baby Girl what do you think's going on No one else I want to please me I don't know why you won't believe me I would never do you that wrong What we've got Is hanging by a thread How did you Get this inside your head Because of you I'm having second thoughts All the fear, all the doubt Can't you see? [Chorus:] You're pushin me out You're pushin me in The position is clear From where I'm standing You're always talking bout love You're too demanding You've got your head in the clouds Well happy landing You know you're pushin me out What's this you been saying bout me About how you can't breathe without What book are you reading today Confused, don't know what I'm doing Dreaming of a bed with me & you in I should be walking away (yeah) Me and you We could have it all Now our backs Are up against the wall It may be A little late for us All the time you scream and shout Don't you know:.. [Repeat chorus to end]