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She Gives Me Life (D-Side)

She stood smiling in the sun When I first came along My heart was beating Telling me that you're the one I felt something deep inside That words cannnot describe And now I know There's nothing I can hide Time stood still for me And I could not believe With just one look I'm falling Baby you're the one for me Chorus: She gives me life She gives me love And I can see the whole world here From where I'm standing This paradise I won't give up And I just want the whole world here To know that she gives me.... She could be your brightest day Your working week, your play The one to show you Loving in a special way Someone always to be there With love enough to share And in your hour of need I'll be the one to care She gives love so deeply Changed my life completely Just one look I'm falling Baby you're the one for me Chorus Everything I want And everything I need 'coz I can't get enough Of what she's given me And as the seasons change Who knows what will remain Will I still feel the same About her? Chorus(