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Come Home (Naim Yael)

I'm flying far away to be really free Tired hard to build myself independently It's hard to always do what you expect from me Saying come home Come home I try to understand why it hurts you To see a difference in our points of view Don't blame me for a thing that I didn't do saying come home Come home It's insane How feeling so much shame Will only bring you pain And I no longer know how to explain See I'm happy as can be And you're my family, my ground And I'm just hoping one day I will find you You're holding back the tears when you kiss me Smile smile when I'm back again as you see me When years are passing by and you miss me You're saying come home Come home Such a shame You're feeling so much blame And yet I'm still the same And I no longer know how to explain See I'm grateful as can be 'Cause your my family, I'm bound And I'm just hoping one day you will shine through Let's try to look at each other Find one other Asking how can it be fighting out all that we see Is just not always what is real That you come home Come home Just come home Come home My turn to understand what you lived through Today I only feel how i miss you so it's only fair, when it's hard to bare and you ask if I, I try to come home Come home