Endless Song Of Happiness (Naim Yael)

Hi rak merachefet baolam shela La la la la Vehu menase lagaat Hi nirtaat Lo yodaat Ata yoshev bapina umitbonen ba-ba Baerev mitardema mitorer Roe chalon patuach Velo batuach Ma la kara Ma hi asta Poched shehi kaftsa-tsa Mibachuts hi afa Al anan katan banta Migdal shakuf bemikchol Uvetocho afim Kol hamal'achim Vekol hafeyot haktanot Rokdot bemaagal mistovev Bli sof La la la la la la English translation She just floats in her world And he tries to touch She recoils Does not know You sit in the corner and watch her In the evening You wake up from sleep See an open window And are not sure What has happened to her What has she done You fear she has jumped Outside she flies On a little cloud She has built a transparent tower With a paintbrush And inside it All the angels fly And all the little fairies dance In a circle turning round and round Endlessly