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Hero With A Wing (Calvert Robert)

I see myself a hero While one wings falls away And the dial approaches zero In a spiralling display. My past life flashes feverishly, And lives I did not lead, Like the time I was a hero Of a weird, outlandish breed. One arm of flesh and muscle And one of feathered scale I was hero with one wing That was of no avail. I could only fly in circles Like a corkscrew in the sky, My one wing flapping frantically While birds just glided by. I launched myself from mountains And from the highest trees And though I could get nowhere Just landed on my knees. But still I was a hero, With one wing more than most. Almost half an Angel; A whirling holy ghost. My father was an eagle With two wings wide as sails My mother was the west wind witch With grasping finger nails. She lured him from his aerie With her twittering device. She kept him in a golden cage And fed him field mice.