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Blowin' a Fuse (Gibb Barry)

I'm blowing the fuse, and I'm shaking it down All the verbal abuse, got me running around I got nothing to lose, so I'll never be found All the mowing pictures they supply and we demand Someone tells you what to think and how to understand Always on the wall or in the corner of the room Careful what you say to it, the box is full of doom Maybe we believe, maybe we belong So I'm blowing the fuse, and I'm taking it down And I'm singing the blues, in a home on the side So whatever you choose, there's a way to be found And they always say good evening and good morning too And the weather out there is clearly everyone's concern And for others it's fun to watch who we kill and who we burn They tell you nothing here but everybody knows How to walk and what to wear and how to strike a pose Style and smile and health and wealth the kingdom of the wise Drugging all the masses but you do it in disguise Everybody lies, the enemy knows So I'm blowing a fuse, and I'm shaking the ground And I'm just a recluse, but I'm all over town And I'm taking the pills, and I'm drinking them down There is no escape, there will be no early warning Will there be a second coming or will he just be passing through And we like to send out our message to the universe Everybody's sober but I'll have another line Always taking limos but you can't afford the ride Why you chasing women when there's someone on the side You can go and party but I'd rather be alone Even when you're here, the enemy knows So I'm blowing a fuse, and I'm taking the town And I'm watching the news, but I can't hear a sound I got nothing but skills, but I'd rather lay down... Won't you come and lay down, down, down...