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Stay Alone (Gibb Barry)

Now she didn't get off to a very good start. And she tangled with love. And he broke her heart. In a crumbling home had shown the childhood dreams were never real. I came along, she was seventeen, with the sun in her eyes and you know what I mean. She grew up too soon in the shade of my love. She taught me how to feel. Loving each other was never enough. She was watching me grow and she wrote it up in a book of life she gave to me the day the white ship sailed. Farewell my darling, au revoir. I will pray every day for you, oh. And she would stay alone while I'm away. She wouldn't walk all alone in the city without me. She would stay alone. She wouldn't play in the dark with this love inside my heart. I came home on a summer night and the wind in her hair and she looked just right. There was never another kind of woman could see right through my soul. Suddenly after the southern rain, she rode out of my life on the midnight train. And I fell to the ground. And the world became the last place I should be. Wandering I will wait for you, for the sound of your voice. The dreams that you make. The book of life you gave to me still keeps my flame alive. Nobody knows which way I'm going. But I only search for you. So won't you stay alone (stay alone) while I'm away (while I'm away). If we both walk in the same direction, maybe my eyes will see you one day. Stay alone (stay alone), and may your dreams come to be all your love inside of me. Stay alone. Ah. Ah.