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Blame Yourself (Casey Veggies)

What got in her is all them girls that got in her And when she heard that old nerd is newly popular Getting looks of you on facebook, saying "X fine!" This is when Urkel turned into Stephan Unless I'm going crazy And all of these ladies always like dude I was like Common & Kanye: too shy, dude Now they mad when I move how I move That's how your hoes turn to foes like 2 times 2 See, I knew it would happen with the rappin' And they lacking and they cashing The kid in band class has got 'em on the bandwagon Blast from the past, chicks in class, I was passing Notes to, they checkmark the box they said no to I'm a new man like Randy, you can't stand your old dude So when I ask about him you say "me and him are so through!" All of the time I gave you all of my time Now I got none to give and I'm all on your mind but.. Now it's up to you to say that you were wrong When I knew all along you'd call my phone And shawty (You can only blame yourself) When you just hear the tone Don't leave a message and just leave me alone (2x) Remember when you left me? You're right for me now I couldn't get the time of day Now you want nights at a time, right But a threesome what I like right now Life a bitch and karma's a bitch, I'm dyking it out Like mama mama mama, you could be the one Really I ain't f-ckin with you, you should be a nun If you want a reason from me, I would say because I told you because, no love cause I'm over you Over you, I roll with a chosen few No one was as cold as you Your heart is like some frozen food When I would go to school I would get ignored You toy with my emotions like pieces on a board I'm Jordan in this sport, in at every turn Before the kid was panic, it was never concern Not a phsycician in a clinic asking "when you gon learn?" Just tell that bitch, it isn't pimpin if you never been burned She heard me screamin, Jordan back on the team then Started loving me more, the art of winning that war These women don't love these artist, they asking take em to stores And hosting to get em presents with money we made on tour That's cold: but you know, life ain't fair When I needed you most, you see your life wasn't there When I leave here and coast, now my phone ring bare Looking at it while we blow L's then press decline I'm fine on all that, got too much on my mind in time to fall back Caught up in the grind of you trying to crawl back My heart is in these lines, hope this markers soon be fine I hope these models love wine and these white jacuzzi towels Roll with the winners, quick dinners All good intentions, chasing dreams, like a J O B See me shining, now I'm on a track with GLC