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Swag Worth A Mill (Casey Veggies)

... and my names stunned It's all gonna change And my name coming so fitting, Young niggers with more visions I did it all, it's no rush I like chicks and low chucks, They like to dance... She loves school and love... Never met a girl that I could trust She set my mind on my main chick They'll ride to die, see it eye for eye Even if a nigger was famous I grew up, did some wild shit Thank god my father could tame me! Or probably could have been a gang's... But none of you niggers gonna change me I'm the same g... Not even the influence by my friends, The same ones that... The same ones trying to... the bands. Three months that's on tour With... and his white fans Pull it off, and then groupie whores They're chasing up, trying to... My flow carried on, but... I'm in my zone Trying to think, too young drink But if you're gone... Hold me set, you gotta hold the line I swag you out, I'm being official, Underground ain't polka dancers Past full of broken dreams, I finally found some shit official, Momma said she's proud of me Can't wait to give her everything she's wishing Ride it slow, ride it slow and if I don't I could probably crash. At 13 I used to rap my dreams At 18 got a pocket of cash, Taking the world, taking the world, I can't wait no more, I'm taking the world! Praying to god, ain't keeping it... I'm in, I'm hoping it works like Hope that it works, I said I hope that it works, I'm praying to god, Ain't keep it... Amin, I'm hoping it works