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Ea$tside (Trinidad James)

Fuck 'em up You don't like me nigga, then fight (Fuck 'em up) (6x) Y'all niggas can't do shit (bitch) I said now, y'all niggas can't do shit (8x) I'm in DC with them Clipses Cali, call up Nipsey In Philly, I know Meek I know Meek and Omelly I call up Bigga Rankin Nigga down in that [?] Shout out to them bad bitches KOD Miami Salute to them Haitian niggas Hot down in Little Haiti Salute to Jimmy nigga Harlem going crazy I'm good nigga, even in Texas Better watch what you rap about I call up the Prince boys I know you heard about Rap-a-lot Guwop or doo-wop I'm a trap nigga, I'm not hip-hop Jumping out a Phantom with the Louis flip-flops My clip long like tube socks If you say something, I'm a spray something Wanna fuck some and I'm a pay something Had a threesome with your BM And my young niggas'll take some Take money to make money I'm a great ape with this AK Banana clip for these monkey niggas I'm a millionaire, but a country nigga Half a mil on a dice game Three mil on my ice game Was all good 'til your wife came It's Gucci Mane, you in my lane Quarter million dollar worth of jewelry You haters sittin' plottin' Y'all niggas ain't gonna do shit My name ringing bells cause I done took a lot of bricks Independent major label deal, I'm filthy rich Little Mexico lingo We got a home where we make kilos You say you move kilos But nigga, you still stuck on zeroes Fake rappers, I don't like All I rap is white VVS my ice Nigga, fuck your highest price Alley Boy don't play Little Trouble don't play Bitch ain't gonna play, Little Ricky don't play Get you take, new face in the A These young shooters gonna do what I say New king of the south, they can't do shit Atta boy, 2Pac in '96 But I ain't get shot, I'm a chill me a bitch Get Zone 6, I'm a wrap these bricks [?] eye for an eye War cry nigga, these bullets gonna fly From 1 to 6 dare nigga to try Pussy went black from all that fire With my gold grill and my gold Bentley [?] father [?] Y'all niggas can't do shit Fuck 'em up, you better stay red Pull up in an Audi, they don't know shit about me These rappers are so inventive Your Maserati is rented, my second house is in Venice 3rd in Kaua'I, I got a bird cause I'm fly, I don't wanna brag These niggas wanna break my neck They could, I'm a buck fifty when soaking wet My hood got a clear port and an ocean deck I made a hater eat words, watch him choke to death Back for more, fuck it, I'm a rap some more I got some white girls with me like I'm Macklemore My back is sore, from whippin' in the Jaguar I'm the goat like a motherfucking Capricorn Yeah, I hate whack niggas, that's my fucking problem (Tru!) I'm too turned up like like the fucking volume These niggas get dropped like my fucking albums Eastside, Stone Mountain