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Gold on My MacBook (Trinidad James)

Yeah I dropped a tape Surprised myself man I don't know how I feel about it Other than fucking amazing Yeah yeah yeah yeah Let me give you lil' bye by the southside nigga I like my bitches on their back with their mouth wide nigga Explosion Explosion I must do what I feel I can't afford to get caught in a bullshit that life brings A young woman always told me it's your choice how you choose to react So I hit the the club and I turn up Fresh as fuck your ho might know me I am a real nigga for certain I don't have a bunch of dimes but I keep some strong sixes like Turner, know some shot niggas that'll burn ya Yeah yeah And this is the second part of this I gotta let ya'll niggas know man like for real you know what I am saying It goes a little something like, OK Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm from the A-town for the most part Kicking shit up your party Ain't bothering nobody You couldn't kick shit no better Your main bitch? Sheэs a choke artist like Webber It wasn't hard for her to notice me Then my James Harden like OKC As she hit them high notes like Jodeci I'm a shoot the guts Ain't knowing' me Knowing me Knowing me This is a good lil' journey you finna to take right here It's gonna take you somewhere you never been Hopefully You know what I'm saying