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HomeGirl$ (Trinidad James)

If you a bad bitch Show them titties, ass meat Tell em' broke bitch, watch me Watch me, watch me, watch me Ball, ball, ball, ball Watch me ball, ball, ball Wa-watch me, ball, ball, ball Watch me, ball, ball, ball Watch me You better watch that bitch Cause she watching your nigga You better watch your bitch Cause she here up on her nigga I'm not about the issues I'm just trying to tell He looking for your bitch My dick said you just missed her Nigga my bang, nigga my hoops may be like bang I say this song for them bad bitches, they ain't showing no tricks This song for them white girls who thick nigga, like they black naked This song for them ratchet bitches who nigga tatted on they neck She get her own money She don't need no nigga Nigga's ain't shit Hoes ain't either She only chase her dreams She don't chase no nigga She only save her gas She ain't saving no nigga She'd rather shop than to watch your kids Get a degree, she ain't getting pregnant Nigga's pay for pussy, nigga pay your bill You only got dick, nigga how she gon' live? Get a job