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My Rule$ (Trinidad James)

You got to be who you want to be despite what they tell you got to be Alright fuck everybody My life (7x) I said my life is a highway Stay the fuck out of my lane These are my rules this is my way You don't like it you can fly away I drink when I wanna, stunt when I wanna Fuck when I want, smoke a blunt when I wanna Fly away when I wanna, when I wanna Please don't hold us down, please don't hold me up They try to shut us all down we done had enough We just want to have fun, we just want to live it up Overtime and overtime hey, trying to get it up If I can't be me now, then who am I, who am I If I can't be me now, then who am I, who am I We won't stop, we can't stop I promise, that't the only way it's going to be forever And when we wanna cry We smile cause we just so much better than that Amen (No more tears, no more tears)