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Talk That $hit Trinidad (Trinidad James)

(Talk that shit, Trinidad) Aye man y'all niggas know who 'Dad is, y'all know who the freshest nigga is, y'all seen me in the mothafuckin' magazines, nigga (Talk that shit, Trinidad) Y'all niggas be lookin' at my goddamn IG to see what this nigga wearin', what kind of shoes he got on, how he wearin' them jeans (Talk that shit, Trinidad) Yeah, ain't no bammer over here. You already know this a real A town nigga all day, every day. You seen me in that GQ magazine. You seen me in that Flaunt magazine. BET know I rip that mothafuckin' runway. I talk this shit cause I know this shit. You will never, ever dress better than a nigga named Trinidad James, nigga, you already know if you from Atlanta I feel like, these niggas, done ran up with my swag I feel like, these niggas, done ran up with my swag I feel like, these niggas, done ran up with my swag I feel like, these niggas, done ran up with my swag I started with the [?], started, then they did it too I started with Versace, started, then they did it too Fuck, I did the nappy fro, now they on it too Shit, their hair on fleek, not, nigga, tell me what's your move Bitch I'm 'Dad and I thought you knew Your favorite rapper dress like me, man I swear I taught him to I swear, he only dress like that, baby, cause we taught him to Check his Instagram, I sip my tea, just like Kermit do Fly niggas shop on Fairfax, not the mall Real niggas don't fuck with police, fuck the law These niggas think they're stylin' for real though Boy stop, you better call Ronaldo I couldn't pay to look this good, nigga, that's on everything I promise I was born with it, yes they call me James So much gold in my chain, gold up in my ring Check my rings, I might need a statue These niggas not tryna change, they just rappin' for a chain Try and take a nigga's chain, he might shoot you I buy a Rollie every birthday just to do it (Nike) I'm savin' all my money up, like a nigga Jewish (Drake) Anything my mama want, she get it, nothin' to it All these things where these niggas that I've been on, boy you're losin' From Vegas to [?] I'm the flyest nigga movin' Buyin' everything strange, Harajuku to Shibuya Don't show my pics to your girl, you might get the finger What? Cause she already liked him