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WutEL$E (Trinidad James)

Yeah Welcome back If this is this is your first time, thank you "Don't Be S.A.F.E." is till free on LiveMixTapes, cheap bastard Just kiddin, anyways Let's go! DJ what you do this for? (7x) I do this for my mama I don't do this for you niggas I do this for my fans I don't do this for no pictures I do this for my friends Treat my niggas like my family Y'all niggas was hatin' But them same niggas was fans of me Got these bitches faintin' when they see my face in magazines Nigga I ain't playin' I'm in that flight club, fatefully Or in Soho... Bing a real nigga is a crime, I know it I got a hundred charges A lot of gold, a lot of hoes Don't mean nothin' if you got no soul Niggas might hate me But it's the reason I was chose Amen