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Seattlehead (McKagan Duff)

When I was a young, I had a dream movin' to the city sight unseen 19 years of age I'm packing my bags Hollywood was all the rage I came to you in 1984 You showed me in, then you shut the door It didn't take me long to learn to play the game A kick in the head always feels the same (chorus) Los Angeles, you're a fuckin whore Hollywood, you're an open sore I played it well, and I played it fast Livin' slow was in the past Chicks and drugs and gettin' burnt Just a few of the things I `learnt' Got sick and tired of bein' scared as hell A wasted man, just a shell of myself But that was then, and this is now My pretty baby, I've changed somehow (chorus 2) Los angeles, you've lost you're grip Drugs and lies and whores suckin dick (b-verse) I don't know if I could do things differently L.A.'s had me for so long When I look I can see things differently What doesn't kill me makes me strong (bridge) Los Angeles, I didn't sell my soul to you Los Angeles, you thought you would kill me You thought you could take me down Fuck that, power to me (chorus) (b-verse) Sometimes it goes like this Some A kick in the head