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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Superman (McKagan Duff)

Fate finds a way, of pickin you up when you're down I remember everthing, and I know for sure Ain't like it was before, I know I can shut that door (chorus) I wanna be your superman Won't you give me you hand So I can show you Let down your hair And move on over next to me I wanna see your skin, beautiful white, soft in the light We'll just forget the past, we can have tonite at last (chorus) (bridge) You can always lean on me You can dress me to whatever your vision of a dream man is Oh my pretty baby, can't you see I wanna be your everything I remember yesterday, it's a long ways away I don't know just what your gonna do But I always wanna be right next to you But I always wanna be right next to you