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Cigarette (Splender)

Got myself a job Gonna move up that corporate ladder Follow in the footsteps of all my friends Have another cigarette So why you tripping on me? I can't take all the pressure Gotta find some way to cope with this Have another cigarette And live 'til you die... I'm not afraid I'm unafraid I'm different from the rest somehow Blind to the wind, the news And the culture Deaf to the sound that leaks From your voice Take a deep breath and pray For a second one Have another cigarette So what do you think of me now? I'm not here to impress you I'm not the one who's insecure Springtime, Jesus, flower, firefly Sister, Sunday, winter, mother... Start learning to fall... I could never be like this I could never be like this Start learning how to fall down Will you ever believe me? Will you never be with me? Start learning to crawl Springtime, Jesus, flower, mother...