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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Supernatural (Splender)

Beautiful feather hovering overground We're similar We're both being pushed by the wind Through the air To wherever Haven't I seen you before? Haven't you been here before? As we both sit here together Whatever As the wind blows... It's so supernatural, It's so supernatural Let it fly Wonderful words lying in the grass We're similar We're both getting cut off again Together Whatever As we both sway... It's so supernatural, It's so supernatural Let it fly We must stop meeting this way We've both been living o.k. 'Cuz we fell so far from this tree again And the sun is my best friend And the earth opened up to me We've been seperate for so long So long... It's so supernatural Now everything's beautiful We fell far from this tree For so long We crawled out of this stream For so long What's become of you? What's become of me? It's ok, It's ok It's part of everything It's natural It's part of everything