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Come Closer (Chickenfoot)

Sidewalk blind, an old tin cup, Looking down I can't look up Long gone ain't coming back It's later than I want it to be And long cold nights without much sleep Miss you babe Come closer You gotta run downtown You gotta jump online Got something goin' all the time Where you goin', baby? Got kids bringin' in problems We got problems of our own I'm worried, babe 'bout going the distance Just come closer Come closer to me Come closer Baby come closer to me A guitar, a song, and a sleeping bag The moon, the stars, that's all we had I sure miss that, babe You got your space And I got mine Got nothing to say most all the time Feel you slippin' away Come closer Now come closer to me Baby, come closer I need you Oh all my life I wanted someone like you To stand by me I want you to come closer, yeah Every day I wake up, I tell myself I need you by my side so badly Now come closer When I think about you Oh I fall down on my knees and beg you To come closer, yeah Come closer I want you Come closer to me Come closer Come closer Baby, come closer to me Stand by me, baby Right there by my side Oh baby, baby, baby, baby I need you, I want you To come closer