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Suspension Of Disbelief (Indecision)

Authority is based on nothing but intimidation They live to instill fear to compensate for the courage that they lack Their power is an illusion kept alive by those it abuses And by those who sit back and watch while others suffer the subjugation So I won't break and I won't bend No compromises - I'm not giving them another inch I won't break and I won't bend Their power is a fucking lie It's false power - their power is nothing but a lie Acknowledging the power structure is the first step towards allowing it to dominate you By living inside the system's confines you allow yourself to be controlled and supervised Constantly under their surveillance isn't it time you recognized what it means to live above and outside their laws By obeying your very own moral code? Hasn't too much time been wasted staying right where society placed you? Aren't our lives far too short to waste even one more minute standing in line? Yes! When no one fears them No one respects them No one runs from them Watch them as they disappear Their power is a lie