Count Ten (Toxique)

Count ten One to the two Two to the three I love that Quiet place Small as a pea It hides in Four to the five Five to the six Behind your Eyes there’s a point Where I wanna fix Count ten Small as a pea Hides in you Don’t wanna go there but It forces me to I’m happy with myself Don’t need you man But when you look at me I’m tremblin‘ goddamn! It’s not that You are so beautiful It’s not that You are so smart and cool It’s not that you are my only clue But I wanna be loved by you Count ten Five to the six Six to the seven You make me Feel like a feather Up in the heaven It’s fallin Eight to the nine Nine to the ten Right to this Warm open arms Arms of my man I know that You do not care at least I know that You’re not domestic beast I know that You’ve never told me truth But I wanna be loved by you