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Story (Toxique)

I saw you standin‘ on the street Waitin‘ for me to be complete That’s not reality, that‘s not true I haven‘t ever had a chance to say I love you My boy has never bought me anything Just tell me what did he bring No flower no power no lust no fun I’m not satisfied with what he‘s done No man it’s a kind of story About the boys in my day Sir give me a little glory The resolution is stay away I like the people who I’ve met But I always have to prove that I have no stress good dress no scare And that I do well, while I’m there Hey guys it’s kind of story About how I feel at school Mister give me a little glory I’m swimming in an endless pool Carefully listen as I pray Comprehend my current situation I’m wandering what you will say To my exclamation short creation Flowing from insecurity My mood is time to time grey Struggle in use lookin for my quality I have to come into play I can bet you will try to set a trap (on me) No man it was a kind of story Bout my life day by day Those are just a little troubles, don’t worry Best not to say more but anyway That’s what I wanted to say