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Follow My Lead (Massari)

Baby girl?. You need to stop debating; this is body language and were conversating In the club no longer calm or patient, so I approach mommy with some honest statements (Like me) I can take you home and, lay you on the bed while I make you moan and If the celli ringing, im'a break the phone and You ain't leaving till 6 in the morning Baby girl let me know, look like you got something to say You ain't got to think about it, you know how I feel about it So baby girl let it flow, you been thinking about me all day Now you want to lose control, shorty when I see you it's on Every minute and every hour you think of me And every time that you come and visit you don't want to leave Could it be that your steady frontin in front of me Belly told me that you're just somebody I shouldn't believe My lips want to get it on, so baby come and put it on So if you want to get it on, let's get it on, Just follow my lead You got to know, I'm feeling like your doing it wrong And no I can't get enough, let's set it off I know what you need I'm Buzzed, plus shorty kind of gone off the hypno And of course she gave me all of the info Saying how she loved the boys and the sick flow So now I leave the bar with the nympho Head back to the car with some endo, Roll it up let it fog up the windows I'm chilling don't sweat the dude Throw massari in the deck let him set the mood Tonight I'm gonna take my time, I'll be coming up to your place Girl I want to hold your body, I want to make you feel massari So we gonna get it on tonight, wanna see the look on your face I don't wanna hear you moaning, saying I can't take it no more (Girl I know what you need, I know what you need, I know what you need Cause baby girl I need it to) (3x)