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A Life Of Possibilities (The Dismemberment Plan)

You dig down underground now Through the soil, through the cooling clay As the din fades above you You're moving You're secret You're nowhere It's all good And no lights lead you onwards No signs point you on your way Just earth in all directions It's endless It's mapless No compass No north star You're all gone 'cause they can't find you You're lost 'cause they don't know the way They blame themselves they blame each other They're angry They're sorry They're worried You don't care The shovels scrape somewhere up there They just want to know if you're OK Morse code tapped with hammers You hear it You know it You're on your way Oh, but at some point you've gotta come up for air You wipe the cocks and mud and dirt out of your hair You're blind and queasy with a growing sense of despair You don't know anyone You look around trying to find someone you know You put your hand up in the air Just kinda wave hello But if they do care, oh, they're not letting it show This can't be new to you There's a feeling coming back Connected by a thread Pulling at your hands like a spider web Like a kite that isn't thereâ?¦ If it's a life of possibilities That pulls you away that claws and tears And challenges you to stay, well, then If it's a life of possibilities That you've gotta live then, buttnig Don't be surprised when they don't remember you Or simply don't want to, yea yea yeaâ?¦