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Ellen And Ben (The Dismemberment Plan)

Ellen and Ben They met at someone's house warming party They didn't like each other at first I was still there I heard them talking as they found their rain coats They made a date expecting the worst When Ellen got home she made a snack And went up on her rooftop And didn't think about Ben at all She stayed up for hours just watching all the drunk folks find their taxis 'cause all in all it was a good night Soco (southern comfort)in bed, a sunny Sunday watching John McLaughlin And having sex again and again I'd stopped by cause Ellen had my copy of Nebraska They never even put on their clothes I hung for a while but everytime I tried to ask them something they started Making out all again I thougt it was rude I couldnt tell you why, why Ellen and Ben they may as well run off to Havana They simply disappeared for a year They'd show up at shows But less and less and saying "hi" to no one And why they even came was unclear They got a new place But Neither of their names were in the phonebook So no one really knew where they where I thought it was cheap But I couldnt tell you why Yea yea why yea yea When I was ten I had this book of modern fighter planes with F-15s and MiGs And headed for a brighter future with ---------- ------ the Ocean City girls on the boardwalk singing oh oh oh oh oh oh yeah ye Yah yah yah Ellen and Ben I heard they broke up loudly at a wedding and never saw each Other again It seems kinda weird, they make each other feel like they could die but they Couldnt stay the slightest of friends I'm doing fine, I'm staying busy hanging with my nephew And trying to keep my eyes on the prize You know how it goes And so do I So call me when you can now You know how I love a surprise O yea O yea