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Superpowers (The Dismemberment Plan)

I have seen the world's most beautiful women undress in ordinary solitude I have fallen asleep in the shift of distant satin I have watched the rich risk it all for 15 minutes in a Heathrow bathroom I have shuddered as an unseen mouth slid down my spine every night I have seized with the ice cold rage of a lover betrayed, half a million miles away I have cried so hard for hours and not known why, I never do I've been knocked down flat by joy that makes my face pulse like a sugar high I've been cornered by the screams of a body as it freed itself of its mind I guess you could call it superpowers but no one is going to save the world with what I've got an indigo light from silvery towers surrounded by rocks and stones as far as the eye can see I've been lost in a cold white space as an arrogant dream storms in from another life I have felt the snaps of lines that bind us all to this world I have felt such unreal pain and not known what to do, it isn't mine I have stayed awake for weeks and slept for days... not one dream under low grey skies and a razored wind that tears at the walls