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The Jitters (The Dismemberment Plan)

No one means what they say And you can tell as clear as deep-sea fish All internal organs and glowing eyes I've been good, I've been busy I've realized my friend's true intentions Cut all ties I've been doing ten thousand pushups a day Plastic cube filled with pus that sits atop my supervisor's desk The feeling of ice on the inside of a wrist Always tired, need a nap I have to make myself brush my teeth I've made a list of everything I've ever owned When the days bring nothing new And the sound of laughter makes you sick And snide You know you've got the jitters Nothing's wrong, I'm just fine I've realized I just don't like jokes I'm thinking of moving I can't call anyone back You can tell every time they lean away When you just want to talk You couldn't buy their interest now Stolen cars in a heap A naked body on the neighbor's yard When they let you down on cue When you give up way before you even try You know you've got You've got the jitters They glows as they near Then disappear Like highway signs on a starless night And it's so hard to tell who's being fled And who's in flight