Divided (As Blood Runs Black)

You're torn inside You don't know which voice to believe Indecision will leave you with nothing Why even try when you think you know all the answers? When you just sit there rotting away Do you know the difference between knowledge And understanding? Tribulations ' denial in the face of the end Endure the suffering and reinvent yourself You're mindless ' it's undermining your efforts To improve on the life that you lead Your perception is clouded by the minds of the infected Your perception is clouded by the lies of the infected Will their lies be believed? Or will they crumble? The unholy battle within one can leave you Can leave you begging on your knees For a chance to breath You must disconnect from reality for Just a moment of internal peace Is the mind your ally or enemy? In the end it all comes down to the eyes In which you choose to see through Let go of the thoughts that drag you straight to your fucking knees And shed the skin of ignorance and assumptions Confined within your mind lies the reasons why You're in this bind ' with no way out! There's no way out! Failure is hard to swallow when your eyes are closed Know that it might be the last time that You can make this right You'll find your way out