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Legacy (As Blood Runs Black)

This procession goes on and on Disillusion is getting the best of me, but still I try And I try – with all that I have only to find that I’m digging my own grave now Where I finally sleep under the legacy of The undying obsolete This won’t be the end and I will change this position Where I have no control And turn the tables back Only rats flee a sinking ship Men of honor stay aboard To mend broken boards and sail on Obtain the vision that they seek Manifesting their own prophecies Leave the weak in the wake of perpetual regret We’ll rebuild and we will prevail – the wait is over Relief from this pain comes from learning to Start all over again We’ll rebuild and prevail And we will silence all those Silence those who oppose And we will silence Silence those, silence those who oppose While you sit and stare at the rising sun Never knowing what lies beyond the horizon You’re digging your own grave now Buried in unending darkness You choose to wait and live your life In fear of the challenge Never to witness daylight again