Billion Bucks (Benton Jarren)

[Hook:] Woke up and I feel just like a billion bucks [x3] They gone hate with me don't give a billion fucks [x3] I'm in VIP I'm with a billion sluts [x3] Everyday I feel just like a billion bucks [x3] [Jarren Benton:] Uno, dou, tres, leggo Y'all sucka ass niggas soft like jello Pull up in the transam nose on the whole gram of the white girl nigga jay oh fellow Kick a nigga dope for the K-I-l-o Blunt full of kush make a nigga feel mellow Sianara to the bad guy to the 45 in the AK mutha fucka say hello Hello, hi, me I'm high, mesmerized by neon lights Bitch you know I throw off doctor said I'm not right Got a white bitch but shes not bright Hit the bitch and blow a nigga for his stickas then imagine what the ho would do for a klondike Feelin' like a billion And I'm about to kill again Hes on his own island bet them niggas think I'm gillagin No resilience I'll pop a nigga, drop a nigga Heath Ledger ya nigga LI'mma pop a little pill again What up to my homie Ned Fresh up out the pin again I shove a mutha fuckas head right inside the ceiling fan Leave a pussy nigga shaking in his Timberlands D-d-d-d stuttering and t-t-t-t-trembling Wake up feeling like a billion bucks Bitch get to steppin' if you don't fuck I need a ho to give me future with the care blowin' in a space ship call the bitch, Aeon Flux Fall off in the club where the heat don't tuck This my year y'all be on suck Gone on that Charlie Sheen that tiger blood bitch we goin' nuts like [Hook] [Rittz:] Ok Jarren, dog I know they scared When they see me and you together man it's so unfair Then when we killin these rappers I bet there's no comparin Not a fan of their music I hate the clothes they wearin And I'm so embarrassed at the state of my city Cause everybody rep they hood and I white boy spot But when they really get the hood Try and tell em where they from they be lookin at them like boy stop But not me I'm from the north side Feeling like a billion I'm a slum-merican Hung yourself fillygan, I'm with a resilient Bitch who let me drill her Afterward she call me up and say she never wanna chill again It's true one say my crew untamed the shit true My black friends Always rob my white friends My white friends get drunk and start fighting each other And when they bloody they be like aw we tight man And this red light, damn, and this ain't sharp rap, drop that shit on the internet and when I see you I'm a tuck in my denim where my sock at, cock back and to swing at your jaw smack, man somebody tell him to fall back The salt of it at just cost it, probably got a weapon in the octagon I stop you while my Jimmy Scotts is on, what you thought, come on, it's my time man your watch is wrong I'm gone, I'm on a whole nother playing field, my name is still Buzzing I'm fuckin up the streets to watch it. Rollin up the Sour D in the Cutlass supreme Fuckers put a grin in the name of Marcus, took a dream, it was steam and people garbage It was keen, momma I'm a be me regardless People talk a lot of shit, 'cause I'm an easy target Eatin Zani bars n drink at tops, I got them feeling like a billion [Hook] [Jon Connor:] Switched on, Flinstone, make this buzzom his own You ain't know you grind, but I stay your man So what you do, peace more. You all niggas real fake, my own nigga's Bill Gates Killing the industry with the difference a gear make I'm here for your ear sake, you wanna hear grey You fucked up your look, I can hear a mirror brake You make it so basic fall, the stairway to heaven you're in lead to my basement Based in the fucking basement it's amazing the Matrix that I hazzle keeps save 'em Hits give 'em the consake, won't cite, I'm a psycho when I write like a riffle Took out on my write ons, I swear that I blast every track man on the Bible Back on, H squad, I came in the hood, nigga, just like y'all Love I stand on my own two feet, but the haters they pray that I just might fall No, never there, I drop classics, nigga, give me that See how my name buzz on the internet, if it's me against the world than I'm winning that See? Look, my niggas trouble like five in the bank, you bullshiting like five in the tank See, I grind for mine, I earn my shots so why ain't got another nigga to thank More, please, get me gang at a young age, say niggas only reviews on the front page And I know that's true, so you leave me in my eyes and do what you gotta do to make sure that's you