Cadillacs & Chevys (Benton Jarren)

Yeah Roc N Mayne what up man What we gone do on this shit right here I'mma come up with a fly ass hook I really ain't gone say shit on the verses Still leave these sucka ass niggas in Hearses By the way, I finally sucked my own dick Leggo! Snap Live from my grandmama's basement Camp Crystal Lake, muthafucker I'm Jason Illuminati membership card, Free Mason Naw literally free my homeboy Mason Freebasing, be patient, that's what they telling me Party for my nigga, Eddie, just beat a felony That be that good shit, my nigga Dizzy mailing me Lean got a nigga on cruz like Penelope Need therapy, stressed, don't worry me Big dick Benton, AKA, Ron Jeremy When you give me brains, handle my dick carefully Who the fuck care to be the loser, bitch marry me Suit & Tie shit like Timberlake I fuck you and then I put your dead body in a lake Eliminate, disintegrate, sipping on gin and lemonade Bitch I been a renegade, way before Em and Jay Whores sick of hearing 'bout Jarren like Kevin Gates I put a wack rapper on a dinner plate I penetrate a nigga with ninja blade I'm 7: 30 whipping in a 10 to 8 I'll be there in a minute bitch you finna wait Lil' Debbie nigga, yeah we getting cake Drunk driver whipping on the interstate My girl say her period is really late I got a home abortion kit, we finna get it straight Just kidding bitch, good news, that's great! I hope the president don't bring the fucking AK My shit wasn't in the stores anyway And that's ice cubes, fuck niggas like you! Some of my niggas sell dope Some of my niggas, they broke Some of my niggas smoke weed Some of my niggas snort coke Some of my niggas, they made it Some of my niggas they won't Regardless y'all my niggas, we gone roll Just like Cadillacs and Chevys Cadillacs & Chevys (Yeah!) x7 Snap Yeah, they say I sound like Eminem Mr. 3K, yall ain't a fan of him Your hoes swing from my balls like a pendulum If you don't like 'em my nigga get rid of them! Gon' get to killing them I'll help ya hide the bodies, I ain't feeling them I'm high like helium I'm trying to gross one billion, my kicks reptilian I'm tryna fuck Christina Milli-an! Or Millian, phenomenon, I ain't tripping I'll even fuck Chaka Khan With nothing but a stocking on, y'all niggas ain't eating like Ramadan You ain't bussin' not even with a hundred guns Fuck a fat bitch for a honey bun I'll fuck a nerd down at Comic-Con Never know the kind of shit that I be on You be hanging with the mighty kong (faggot) I be strangling the microphone, I used to play the xylophone Macaulay Culkin bitch yeah I brought along Yeah bitch I'm in the zone, yeah bitch I'm blowing strong I'm tryna get it like I'm Puffy Combs I'm tryna fuck and then she going home Top gun, welcome to the danger zone I'll stomp a niggas teeth out with Wranglers on Pussy ass nigga, gon' get your hating on And if you know the words bitch then sing-a-long!