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Dreams (Benton Jarren)

[Hook (2X)] We just wishin’ on the ghetto stars Money, clothes, hoes and cars Ridin’ dirty in my city streets Blowin’ half a O and go and chase my dreams Yeah, swear a nigga got dreams [Verse 1] Wish upon a ghetto star Clutchin’ on my hopes and dreams Some niggas won’t make it Sorry y’all but that’s the way it seems Put this crack on paper He puts his on top of triple beams Different ways to get it but we all just want the same thing Opportunity’s a limit, there’s some niggas slayin’ ‘cane Makin’ out of this nightmare, swear it’s hard to maintain Underneath Graffiti Bridge searchin’ for a decent vein What’s inside this needle is the only thing that ease my pain Scariest feelin’ is not knowin’ how to make it one more day So we meditate and pray, hope to God I find my way Cause right now I’m not okay So I take it day by day, and hope these worries go astray I’m relyin’ on these words to put my kids to better places Call it crazy all the choices that niggas not educated Barely made it over some obstacles that I’ve seen Try not to loose my life for my sanity, when I chase my dreams [Hook] [Verse 2] Wish upon a ghetto star Hope my grandma’s sickness vanish Think about her frequently Anxiety, I sit and panic Hope you know I love you even though I don’t express it much I’m just tryna make it, niggas starvin’ out here desperate Infatuated with not bein’ a loser or a lame Money talks, I did not write the rules to all these games Hoes flock when money comes Bitch is you insane? She just out here tryna get it You can’t fuck away your pain Who am I kiddin’, I can drink away mine neither I didn’t know that you was hurtin’ too I am no mind reader And we let our demons destroy the love that we built for one another Say some hateful shit we don’t mean, ain’t that a muthafucka? You know I love when I do this shit for y’all Apologize for everything, my back’s against the wall Barely made it over some obstacles that I’ve seen And I prayin’ not to lose you every day, when I chase my dreams [Hook]