Lean (Benton Jarren)

[Hook: x2] You put the codeine in the sprite And then you mix it all up Then you sip it slow That's how them killas get fucked up We call it Lean, Lean We call it Lean, Lean [Verse 1:] Bada-boom, bada-bing White cup of lean Blunt full of green In the cut as I lean In a cutlass supreme Fuck with a team Got her tucked in a jean I'm a show you what I mean When I cut a nigga clean, scalpel please Throw a mufucker off the balcony She don't wanna (gulp) when she give a nigga head Cause she said that she's trynna watch her calories It's the weekend Let your hair down, swallow semen She just wanna be my girlfriend Bitch, wake up ho, are you dreamin'? I got wife and I got children I don't need you catchin' feelings What the fuck these bitches sniffing Cause you trippin' Listen Philippine, billie-jean, guillotine, ritalin Drizzling, Jiggling, Ringaling, Niggaling Chainsaw blade goes ring-ring Get a motherfucker for the bling-bling Bitch I'm on the lean-lean Girl you on the same thing Wayne ain't on it no more, let it go, I'm a bring-bring Chain Flame, get a beat, it's drink Gone off of mufuckin' sprite and promethazine [Hook] [Verse 2:] Lean, on it Half ounce, quarter pound, throw it in the bong Nigga we, on it You ain't gotta fuck it, you ain't even gotta suck it Just pull out my dick bitch, breath on it I often drift, where was I? Lean in my cup and I'm feelin' so high Dude get the keys to his automobile And if he can't walk straight then you know we can't drive! Lean it, swerve it, please don't let a nigga crash Cause I've got a cab Shoulda, coulda, woulda, never woulda been a coulda shoulda If a nigga had Throw up in a bag Eastside, throw it on a map Cut open a blunt, then I fill it up with hash If I get the pussy, I'm a put it in a hat I'm a pull it out her mouth, then I put it in her ass like Cocaine, lo mein, propane, rogaine Gold chain, no brain, Cobain, Don't mayne Profane, no shame, slow vein, no vein No lames, squares and no names No limit, hit 'em with a tech and a gold tank Ya'll niggas hate cause I'm doin' my own thing ATLien, finding my own lane Pop up and I soda pop the codeine [Hook]