My Adidas (Benton Jarren)

Yeah, I walk through hell in my Adidas bitch Inhaling reefer and picking the scabs that life will leave you with Eastside till my soul decide to leave this bitch Got snake skin on my shell toes These kicks will probably make PETA sick I zone out to the 808 In the old school I let the speakers hit My Jeremy Scott's got wings on them I can levitate in these sneakers bitch This color scheme is so fresh and clean Pussy nigga you ain't got these Got the Michael Jackson with the straps on 'em I can moonwalk Billie Jean (hee) Sip promethazine in a limousine Top ten's they winter green I'll stomp a hater in 3 stripes And get blood stains on my denim jeans Lace them up and then scrap in them Dope boys they trap in them Jam Master Jay he scratched in them Run DMC rapped in them (Run!) B-Boys they pop locked Tear subways in the South Bronx Made Hip-Hop in these sneakers Running through project halls when the cops come Ghetto kids with dreams Trying to live life and don't know the outcome It's history in these sneakers bitch I had to shout them out on the album Cause they Dope boy fresh Open casket clean Rick James faded Smoking gasoline Eastside till I die 3 stripes on my sneakers Bitch I'm in my zone Flexing hard homie In my Adidas Rest in peace to the MCA's A-d-i-d-a-s I'm so fresh to death throw me in the crematory I was on the shit so prematurely As an adolescent, pubescent teen Outfit was on guillotine And my shoe game was open casket clean I'm a sneaker addict and I need a fix Polo with these Stan Smiths West Memphis shit with these high tops Paid a grip for these damn kicks It's art on my feet bitch Like Warhol on a canvas My girl say I need help I got a sick fetish for this brand bitch My homeboy went to jail in them Next day he made bail in them Got a pair of 'das so damn cold With the leopard print and the tail in them Get pissed off when I scuff them up I toss them out when I fuck them up Get a fresh pair the next day With 4 straps they buckle up This the brand that I represent Put that on a testament This Eastside these 3 stripes I step out so elegant Made Hip-Hop in these sneakers To them I pledge of allegiance It's me against the world Middle finger to my foes in my Adidas