Problem (Benton Jarren)

[Intro] [Hook] Wait a minute wait a minute Ya’ll don't know me like that nigga wait a minute Wait a minute wait a minute I’ll crack your fucking skull bitch wait a minute [Jarren Benton] Yeah hit a nigga with an ice stick Stab his heart with an ice pick Soon as I get my royalty cheque Ima buy my bitch a pair of nice tits Smoking dope and sippin ice slitch (cough) I’m sick Your ho was choking up on my dick So I hit the bitch with the Heimlich Lurk the block for a trick of rock Kick the door we don't twist the knob Covering this bitch with a ninja mask start stabbing niggas with a shiskabob Calamity the industry couldn’t handle me Am I the only guy who wanted to fuck Casey Anthony I don't give a shit if she just killed the kid And stuffed her in the trunk I’d still let that bitch suck my dick Mad scientist rule with an iron fist Fuck swag show up looking bummy I ain't on to shit Jarren Benton pull your bitches hair extensions Freebasing with Kevin Bacon Popping pills with Paris Hilton Twelve o’ clock bitch where’s your children Stuff them in the stove and kill them Take them out and throw them on your porch bitch now go and get them [Hook] Wait a minute wait a minute Ya’ll don't know me like that wait a minute I’ll crack your fucking skull bitch wait a minute Problem problem bitch I am a problem I spent half my life just trynna make it out the bottom Bottom bottom sickest from the bottom I can’t stop until I hit the top bitch got em [Playboy Tre] I got the Caddilac dippin Brown liquor sippin I’m a giant bitch my nest Hanging from the fucking ceiling Give a shit I don't give a fuck Go ahead pull that up Roll that up Blow that pussy up C-4 in her gut Drop the top throw a couple racks show these niggas up Now they so agitated with my money maturations I got Polo on my stitching bitches dripping while I’m ripping Touch my family or my living I’ll put bullets in your kidney Kat-kat-kat just like that-that-that flat up on your back Tell your folk to relax Or ya’ll gonna lose some partners back to back Georgia’s a rebel and you just a pussy honey buy my shovel Cause our favorite rapper word till that diamonds in my bezel Here we go Lincoln MKS Panoramic view Stomp the teeth up out mouth I got some Nike’s you can chew Tre boy Play with my nigga Jarren Benton Where we from? East Atlanta that's the day Bitch now where’s my shot of rum [Jarren Benton] B-b-b-b-bitch I just joined the Illuminati So drink some Jarren Benton fuckin’ A dude its a party Kicking with my kids we watching iCarly And they always trash the fucking house with action figures and barbies Yo momma said if I fuck her right then she’ll buy me a Harley I’m on that Breaking Bad shit doing meth in the back of an RV Adidas on my feet I don’t fuck with Ed Hardy But I do endorse Bacardi Bitch we do more coke then Charly Sheen bling the telephone ring It’s TV-G bitch they cannot fuck with this regime I’ll break your fucking legs and then I’ll wrap it in a sling And bash it with a 2x4 and break them shits again I’m crazy and deranged Hey where the fuck is my brain? They say these words that kill you so I spit like an M-16 They come equipped with an infrared beam Got dust inside of my weed And I was put here just to murder the game now bleed bitch bleed Bleed bleed now bleed bitch bleed We Freebasing bitch! [Hook]