Skitzo (Benton Jarren)

[Verse 1] Yea, I’m throwin D’s on the Cadillac Riding through the Cader nigga, bumping verb zacarat You were fuckin’ like a faggot, never slung a crumb of crack Bash your fuckin window in I drag you like a running back Tell your mom the zombie’s back Fucking hypochondriac Gag a bitch and shove her in the dryer at the laundry mat Cokehead insomniac, sipping on some Cognac Dude this fuckin album sucks I want my fuckin money back Disadvantage, I’m schitzophrenic, these bitches panic Dickin Janice, I’m poppin Xanax and speaking Spanish Na la cum la la cum pla, I ain’t say a word A fuckin’ nerd, I’m riding dirty with the mossburg I am awkward, I’m sippin cough syrup I’m high as a martian in a flying saucer What up to 808 Blake and Mike Whalberg I punch through the sheet rock and make the wall hurt Team wolf, I claw a dress and panties off her Just got a new Lebaron and the seats is all fur My brains fried, heart’s gonoe and my balls hurt I grab the nine to forty-five and let ‘em all squirt Mr. Benton, bitches said they sick of him I’m up at Micky Ds, I get an English McMuffin You hang around all pigs like you McLovin I shove a freakin prick inside a fuckin brick oven You niggas fake like mall cop, Paul Blart I run you over with the shopping cart in Wal- Mart Hop out the Subaru, huffing a tube of glue Your girl ring around my dick just like a hula hoop Minuting through the city in a bullet proof suit I’m strong enough to rip a fucking roof up off a coup You wanna play Tupac, I throw you off the roof and run down and catch you Tell these niggas jam that got the juice Somebody call the doctor, Dr. Suess or Dr. Roof I’m so out of my fucking rocker any fucking doctor do Holla out the top that’s loose and then I smoke a rock or two And spend a hundred grand on a one- legged prostitute [Chorus] Yea I’m going hard nigga, honey baked Big say more money, more niggas hate I blow a couple recs, just took an eighth of coke Now let me show you what it means to be schitzo [Verse 2] Doctor call Brad Murray, Bitch I’m known to kill mics And meet you in your nightmares, and bash you with a steal pipe Somebody must have laced this heroin cause it don’t feel right Just bought my wife a set of Martha Stewart stainless steal knives Hey, I’m fuckin talking to you dickhead! Jarren, he's dead he cannot hear you, idiot Warming every city strips and grabbing every pretty tits Yall niggas playing hookie, mister big is really sick Leave it to Beaver I’m leaving with Beiber with this meat cleaver to his neck And I’m making him eat ether, kick a bitch in the face cause she’s a dick teaser Did a song with Satan and that’s a sick feature I’m not a human being, I’m a sick creature Run in every church to murder every sick preacher Stompin niggas to a siezure , smoking every spliff of reefer A bully throwing geese off the top bleacher Fucking schitzo eat the barrel of pistols I can shit a hand grenade and piss out a missile Let’s play Operation, I want to see blood drizzle Let’s make it real official, this saw will cut through a gristle I’m so extraordinary sleep inside the mortuary Wake inside the cemetary, dig up every corpse that’s buried This is so unnecessary, voices in my head, they’re scary Sick of being crazy, God I want to be ordinary! [Chorus] Yea I’m going hard nigga, honey baked Big said more money, more niggas hate I blow a couple recs, just took an eighth of coke Now let me show you what it means to be a schitzo [JarrenTalking] Yo Jarren, Jarren wake up dog Come on, yo wake the fuck up man, come on Come on, Yo Kato, Kato call 911 Man I think this fucker overdosed [Kato talking] Yo Jarren, Jarren yo stop stop stop chill! Yo, you’re just slappin, you’re talking to yourself right now, man. I’m trying to study for this midterm, fuckin’ schitzo.