America For Beginners (Latin Quarter)

What's keeping the White House white Is it chalk, is it fog, is it fear? Are they staying up most of the night And sending somebody out for a beer? Is it bed-time for Bonzo? Is it time for a change? Is it flavour-free TV dinners? It's a hard thing to take, when they make a mistake America for Beginner. The sound of a bell with a crack Even the swingers are swinging right The vigilantes are on the way back With prime-time "fight the good fight". What a start to a day It starts three times with a "K" There's no sponsored hour for sinners They'II bring back the hot seat And turn up the heat America for Beginners. That's America for Beginners. You wear designer jeans after dark And your shirts are sharp-cut in satin But won't you watch out for Central Park And apartments in uptown Manhattan. It's a sign of the times Better stoy out in front Because they've only got time for the winners. Just keep living for fun, you son of a gun America for Beginners. Everywhere there's stripes ond stars Men in dark suits in unmarked cars Sipping Jack Daniels in Third World bars They're close to the edge, They're as close as you can get.