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Blameless (Latin Quarter)

I recall when you came to the rainbow ball-room Where the soldiers used to drill And you sang scat, swing and a Christmas song In the shadow of a strip-steel mill Well tonight I caught the retrospective I had very little choice Did the booze put the padding under your skin For the winter of your voice? Born to be re-born Named to be re-named Directed but directionless The blameless to be blamed Did they make you sleep in the truck your were born in? Who put the grease in the paint? Could you breathe in the band and the sequins? Was there somewhere to fall when you'd faint? And how many times did your beans make five? Was the star only tacked to the door? What's this long, long lane that has no turn? We're not in Kansas anymore Blameless like the corn that doesn't sway By the back-lit, back-drop, back-lot. broad highway Blameless and then somewhere in the storm The principal boy couldn't change her uniform We're going to roll you round and round in the re-runs And study the chemistry Re-play the grey Ed Sullivan's He always looked like Nixon to me Over your shoulder went more than one care That could have been your song Over and over and over and out You never figured where you went wrong