Bride On The Bridge (Latin Quarter)

Down at the landing stage the sign reads 'Havoline' And you buy the diesel there, back in the old routine You pay up your harbour dues and then, from the anchorage All in her wedding lace You see a bride on the bridge Her coat on the balustrade she bought at a fire-sale She's been married to debt for years And now she's climbing the lone guard-rail Gulls are er Mendelssohn, she has a bouquet of foliage That no-one here is reaching for Slowly the bride on the bridge Those raising interest don't look up They have no interest in her flight Their spectrum has no bridal white They don't leave the scene Not when money talks The whisper-mill says "Buy Brazil" That is if you don't mind blood on the stalks Cargo comes rolling in, containers of even size there's no rafts or floats aboard - so what if lives capsize? Trading takes no account of strangers to privilege Not if they can't keep up their balances She's vanished, the bride on the bridge