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Modern Times (Latin Quarter)

Their star-light shone bright in the blackout Like the beams of the usherette But when the Big Bear bit deep after Yalta There were those that came to forget They went out west for the screening And they carried a sharp-tooth comb So get up! Go on! Grip that stand! And press your hand to your heart Big Mac is asking the questions And this is only the start Now Mac came on hot and noisy In his search for old Uncle Joe As he tracked him down to Tonsel Town For Boise, Idaho And the folks that queued up for Coogan Now queued up for the end of a myth To sit open-mouthed at the newsreel The night that Chaplin took the fifth And the offers packed up for so many Dropped like a Wurlitzer into the pit And what we got for the pain was more John Wayne And anything else that they saw fit Because when they needed to break resistance And they could not go on using a fist They took the cameras into the court-house They circulated a list