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Race Me Down (Latin Quarter)

Don't walk, don't walk it says but he can't ride Not while his only living relative's inside Who couldn't pay his way and couldn't pay his fines His spirit stretched like gum between the 'stop' signs The dust of angels hurled into your eyes Does more than sear and more than tranquilize The burger beads of gristle marbled hard And strewn like clam-shell pearls in your back-yard Race me down, Felipe, race me down To the small and secret corners of this town Race me fast on sunset Race me past sundown Race me down, Felipe The street is a storefront smashed beyond repair Where the cheaper goods still cost too much to care But wisdom's thrown in free with every sale Don't fool yourself 'cos you can't even raise your bail Say, hey Felipe, the barrio's like a barrier to a town That no-one knows (where no-one goes) Say, stay Felipe, left to lose, they left us curfewed Left us cracked in two