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Not A Chance (Out Of The Grey)

You offered Your hand to me before I chanced to ask, Found myself surrendering before the war began, Oh, could I refuse this irresistible dance? No, not a chance. Tell me, to what do I owe this more than passing glance, Is it only some kind of benign coincidence, Oh could I refuse such a divine providence? Chorus Not a chance, not just a whim, No conditions, and no what-ifs, Not a chance, not just my luck, Just Your choice, just Your love. No conditions, no what-ifs, No luck involved, more than a wish, Could I refuse this holy dance, No, not a chance. I know I dont deserve a part in this romance, Still You turn Your gaze to me and take me as I am, Said You knew my heart was Yours before the world began. Repeat Chorus twice