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Pray For Death (Heathen)

Conquering the ages with their endless plan Threatening the future of the new world man Ultra technology in our wake Who will make the last mistake Billions are spent for our defence To protect our freedom at our expense For us to exist we must live as one Divide the wealth to feed everyone The future is blind in the political eye Bringing us down with their nuclear guides It'll be too late when they finally see the light Filling our heads with economical lies Refusing to hear the people cry Leaving no choice but to pray for death The government builds machines that kill And they use out money against our will When will they build a means of peace And maybe the future can live with ease And what about the churches and all their wealth There's an unseen fortune under their belts Are golden temples a symbol of God's way This horde of wealth is a sickening display Organized religion is deaf, dumb and blind They think they see through God's eyes It'll be too late when they finally see the light If the pope would sell his robes of silk He could provide the hungry milk Leaving no reason to pray for death They feed us the future through subliminal blinds But we know the stories and we know the rhymes So look in the mirror and see the lines For it's just a picture seen through their eyes, eyes, eyes