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Pop Goes the Weasel (Radio Edit) (3rd Bass)

Let's all sing, Pop Goes the Weasel! Pop goes the, pop goes the windin of the weasel I see the empty pocket needs a refill I got a squad with a list of complainers I should have started RAPE: Rappers Against Phony Entertainers So we can make it known that we won't get swayed It's ninety-one son, so somethin's gotta change Gettin paid to peddle sneakers and soda pop (pop pop pop) Pop goes the weasel as drawers drop (drop drop dop) Why not take your top ten pop hit fix the music and make senseless ryhmes fit I guess it's the fact that you can't be artistic Intricate raps, becomin so simplistic I gotta strong mind it doesn't have to be spoon-fed And I can read what doesn't have to be read So some stay illiterate and feeble, legally licked You go the ways of the weasel (the weasel) Chorus: 3rd Bass (repeat 2X) Pop Pop goes the weasel, the weasel *3X* Pop goes the weasel, 'cuz the weasel goes pop Hip-hop, got turned into hit pop the second a record was number one on the pop charts For those that get on heart that got it's start in the ghetto Let no one forget about the hard part Now in ninety-one we got a new brand, a new band lookin like the same old Klan Same old theives that skeez so we gotta make sure that real rap has got to endure Why score all my points in one peroid Appearin in complex structure like a pyramid The paper for the media presence Ya learn lessons from the face of false legend Stop vexin on the skills, ya ain't originate The thin ice you skate upon will break and set ya straight Ate up on the plate, now who's diesel Not the weasel, not the weasel, pop goes the weasel Chorus Ya stole somebody's record then ya looped it, ya looped it Ya boosted the record then ya looped it, ya looped it Aiyyo, I came from Cali, and they hooped it, they hooped it But now you're gettin sued kinda stoopid Boosted tracks get slaps, ya got no haps to reach all four corners of the map For kids in Kansas.. to those who speak Spanish Doin crazy damage so the wack gets banished Can't manage the truth until you buy a way Ya ain't quick so ya switch off the exit from my highway to rest but a crook, has to take a second look Ever heard of a chef who can't cook? But the Minister Prime can lay laws Aiyyo, Pete Nice, rip the mic and go for yours Goes for mine, I goes for mine Find the Prime won't eat the green eggs and swine On line like the Serch, in the hoody with the woody Get a disc or tape, at Sam Goody Why'd ya run through the doors some left open? Ropin off the scenes of the crime smokin I got pub and I'ma nut like a SCUD see Blowin up, like I'm throwin up a beef patty Sellouts run in bouts like the measles No cures, cause pop goes the weasels Chorus 2X