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Soul in the Hole (3rd Bass)

Knowledge on the court, observin what is all around The light goes up, my mic blows up, the silence is now sound Hearin and fearin, the momentum of the stutter step Shook to the left, because the brother slept Crept into his ego, so he caught a bad one Switched my next flip, he thought he had some grip But my grip, is when my fingers curl around the mic I know what it's like, a dog eat dog world but I'm a carnivore, out on the parquet floor Whether ballin, or callin out a sucker who is lookin for static, me grab it every chance I get One on one I'll never run and shoot the high off the net This position isn't switchin, pitchin out a blind pass Hindsight, my mind's right, time run through the hourglass Serch is my name, the game and my goal 3rd Bass settin soul in the hole Yo man, why don't you give me the pole man? Why are you freezin me out? Yo man, cause you can't play, you ain't got no handle Got your socks up to your knees like Michael Raines Drip liquid, pick up a park pill Enduce a hand over freeform with this skill Spills are spun, a crossover break slice Sugar brother the pavement says Scheamin on suicide to play post I slash First step.. I shook ya ass Step to wayside, ain't no weak side Bassline I'm never givin, on the flipside Grass to a mic like a hand palm rubber Roll off a finger, you're gum, I rubbed ya Sweep like a Knickerbocker, the 3rd stops ya And after dark, I play the part of boot knocker Twenty-four seven, always out to get some Slap her on the concrete, bleed til the hand's numb A way of life found, a rim stuck to a pole An asphault jungle, soul in the hole Yo man, I got next! Next? You ain't got next man Yo go over there in the corner, with Michael Raines and take a couple of tokes of the pipes man YouknowhatI'msayin? Point is in effect, callin for a play out Lay out the plan, but your scammin for a way out Figure of speech, spoken wise for a drum, three on one Tchk! You know the outcome! Point up the joints up, straight up for an uproar soarin then you execute the score, then you fade away This fade has been played Gave the gift swift, you just got self-made Execute performance, the 3rd step upon this Me and Pete, complete, like sex endurance Tip on the rim you reverse and rehearse Coachin but you're slouchin, you can't be first You want the rock? But you don't got the handle I drop the French, cause Serch grilled your mantle Face intense, you're sellin your soul just for the action of soul in the hole Pavement bounce off metal meets human flesh Slum onside stagnate you got next Each day evident, parks brothers throw down One on one, it boils down to showdown Spins reverb, soothe he goes a rip slip by his larceny, or petty theft Spectators move, lips into motion Pop shit, get hit, the sewer then becomes an ocean Water runs, springs and I let it fly Slide a weak side, into vein Try to terminate silk textures, of the fingertips Three bases covered, as I dip deeper into repoitoire, the Minister an innovator Take a sphere and a mic and I'll step later under lamps of the Serch, cold Shootin lava in the soul in the hole