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Crosses For Eyes (The Rumjacks)

She had crosses for eyes not diamonds, And they called her the Queen of the damned, Wi' a dodgy tattoo on her shoulder, All she wants is her boy in the band. Oh I came in at 2 with a 10, I woke up at 10 with a 2, What state was I in? youre as ugly as sin, I can't believe that I went home with you. Tho' I only stopped in for the one, girl I must've swallowed a tonne, After the first two or three you still looked rough to me, So I switched from the beer to the rum. Chorus Oh curse me for havin' the horn, curse me for ever bein' born, I shoulda gone straight home & left the scrubbers alone, I woulda been a better man in the morn, Chorus That's my story, that's all there's to tell, I've a ras & I don't feel too well, When love reared its ugly head i shoulda quit it's horrid bed, Ripped my arm out & ran like bloody hell.