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Hate Yer State (Choking Victim)

You think you're alive motherfucker? You're just the walking fucking dead. You're fucking sheep, stepping on my back to stay alive. West coast, East Coast, your all bunch of fucking fools. You and the rest of this greedy fucking world. Kill yourself, stay in school, say no to drugs and oh yeah... hail Satan. Goodnight boys and girls. Pleasant dreams. Sometimes I get so straight edge. I sit in a room and cry. A real dark room man.. Feelings and shit man. Getting hurt. Then I masturbate and everything's so much fucking better. The public is shocked by the peoples opinions, they crush your dreams and foreclose your dominions. You always stand there, a reader digesting. Never bothered to ask any questions! Hate your state! I know my rights, get out of my way, I won't fall for the lies that you say. You want me to kneel down, you want me to pray. Now you are laughing 'cause it's me that will pay. hate your state The people: stupid and happy are set in their ways. Content as their lives grow sick and decay. And the readers all stand there, digesting the system, You don't have to be choking to become a victim! hate your state (4x)